20 Oct 2016
Bahar III

Khaled Bahar Ahmad Bahar is only 16 years old from my town Beit Ommar, he is very cool polite teen, very respectful, very peaceful, very much loved by all who know him, his father’s pride, he has done nothing except coming uptown from the town’s main entrance, home, thats all, he constituted absolutely no threat to the fascist Zionist occupiers, he had nothing in hand, and had no intentions of doing anything, yet he was executed from very close range, he was shot in the chest and his body was arrested, Khaled is the fifth to be killed this years from my town, four of them are young teens and the fifth was 53 years old who was shot inside his own house and in front of his children because he tried to stop them … Continue reading

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30 Sep 2016
The Israeli Army Closes off Beit Ommar's Main Road

On the 18th of September, around 3pm local time, 6 military jeeps from the Israeli occupation forces entered the Palestinian village of Beit Ommar, located 11kms north of Hebron. Stopping in the middle of the village, the soldiers closed off the main road for approximately three hours. During this time, the Israeli army engaged in controlling individuals, as well as stopping and searching civilian cars. Soldiers proceeded to fire teargas and sound bombs, the firing of which was heard throughout the village. The teargas injured many inhabitants of Beit Ommar, several of which were subsequently transported to the local hospital in need of … Continue reading

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30 Sep 2016
Israel Seizes Land in Beit Ommer Town North of Hebron 

On the 29th of December 2015, the Israeli occupation army handed over Palestinians in Beit Ummer town, north of Hebron city, a new military order stating the seizure of 313 square meters (0.313 dunums) of land for urgent security needs, to construct a two barbed-wire fence sections, in an area locally known as “Wad Ash Sheikh” and “Habayel Shesh” in the town. See copy of the military order.

The Israeli military order comes under the title: “Land Seizure order No. 15/31/MD (Judea and Samaria), 5776-2015” and was signed by the so called “Judea and Samaria” Division Commander Brigadier General Lior Carmeli on the 2nd … Continue reading

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10 Apr 2015
Recently Released Beit Ommar Youth Mauled by IDF Dog Featured in Haaretz

From Haaretz:
Palestinian boy is free from jail, but not from nightmares
Hamzeh Abu Hashem, who was wounded by dogs from the IDF canine unit, is finally free from prison. We met a broken and shaken boy.
By  and 

This teenager needs psychological therapy. He stares at the floor, grimaces when asked to relate what happened to him a few months ago, and doesn’t sleep at night. His parents are aware of his situation. But there’s no one to help him, much less pay for any … Continue reading

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26 Nov 2014
“Protection” Training Takes Place at Center for Freedom

On Sunday, November 16, 2014, The Center for Freedom and Justice launched a series of trainings about Protection, Non-violence and Media. The first workshop was about “Protection” and included people from Popular Committees of Twana – south of Hebron hill, Bethlehem, Al-Ma’sara, Aida camp and Beit Ommar. In total, there were 15 participants taking part in the training.

The training was run by an experienced member of the Protection Organization for Human Rights. His experience was very useful and he spent every minute from the workshop giving productive and tangible information. In total the workshop lasted for 5 hours and thoroughly covered the topic of protection while participating in non-violent action. The atmosphere … Continue reading

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9 Oct 2014
Al Jaba'a Roadblock Continues To Cause Problems

Last weekend was the holiday weekend of Eid for Palestinian families all over the West Bank.  During Eid, it customary for Muslims to visit their relatives to celebrate.  Often families will travel hours to reunite with one another and to share meals. For one Palestinian village, this has been made much harder for almost 10 years.  In 2006, Israel constructed a roadblock at the entrance to the village of Al Jaba’a
, disconnecting it from the town of Surif, preventing Palestinians from having any access to the village by car.  Cars must drive to the roadblock, park, and then carry whatever gifts they have brought , which can be several kilometers … Continue reading