Report from Khan Younis, Gaza

28 October 2006

129b.jpg The reports from Gaza come to us late. Along with the water, the Israeli army cuts the electric whenever they please. When tanks invade the city, they bomb the streets, turning a once paved road into rubble and leaving it completely unusable. The people are not free to relax in an Internet cafe write reports, search websites or send emails to friends. Such was the case in Khan Younis Refugee Camp. On 26/10/2006, the last day of the Eid celebration, the power was cut at 6am and the people heard the tanks and F16s approaching. The people know now that this is the signal to flee their homes to avoid the bombs and rockets. The tanks came this time and bombed 4 houses until they were just piles of stone and broken possessions. The soldiers shot 3 people dead in the street and shot many more in the arms and legs. Adnan Hussein Brais 27, and Ali Atabash 24, were killed when an F16 fired a rocket into their car. Shrapnel flew from the blast injuring even more people. 3 people remain in critical condition at Nasser Hospital with shrapnel wounds to the stomach and head.