10 November 2006

This month, PSP will begin it’s olive harvest in the Betlehem and Hebron regions. We will focus on the village of Al-Jab’a who will attempt to plow land close to the settlement of Beit ‘Ain, the residents of which have terrorized the people of Al-Jab’a for years (please see previous reports from Jab’a). This land has not been plowed for over 7 years and belongs to five families. The last time the farmers attempted to plow this land, the settlers attacked them and set fire to their tractors. Therefore, PSP is COLLECTING MONEY to rent two tractors to work this land. International and Israeli activists will join with the PSP committee and the people of Jab’a to go to this land in an act of solidarity with the farmers as they reclaim what is theirs.

More details to follow soon!