Details on Beit Hanoun Attack

11 November 2006

This report comes from the resident of Beit Hanoun who sent us the first report about the Nov. 8th attack, he has now been able to provide us with the photographs.

The Al-’Athamina family in Beit Hanoun

Their houses were destroyed, their body parts were scattered, their blood drenched the ground. The children of Beit Hanoun cannot cry out to their fathers. The mothers scream for their children who were killed by the Israeli tanks. On Wednesday, 8 November 2006, the Israeli tanks fired 11 rockets on Hamad Street in Beit Hanoun. The shelling was aimed at three houses belonging to the Hamad, Abu ‘Odeh, and Al-’Athamina families. 20 people from these families were killed, most of them children, women, and old men. Their bodies were buried under the ruins of their houses, so that their neighbors and relatives had to dig them out of the rubble.