Beit Ommar Vegetable Market Closed by Israeli Army

17 November 2006

The Israeli occupation forces closed the main road leading to the main vegetable market in Beit Ommar so that farmers from the village would not be able to transport their produce to regional markets. The market is a large storage area where residents can bring their vegetables and transport trucks can pick them up and transport to the surrounding areas.

The Israeli soldiers in the village are also harassing residents trying to use the market or the roads leading to it. The market is located in an area called Beit Za’atah which has about 300 residents who are directly affected by the roadblocks placed by the Israeli army, which force them to make a long detour in order to reach the rest of the village. The Israeli army has closed other roads in the area previously, but this is the first time they have closed the main road leading to the vegetable market.

This is a very common tactic of the Israeli government to further limit Palestinian movement as well as economic viability. This is one of the “hidden” aspects of the occupation that has an enormous impact on Palestinian way of life.
The Israeli Army has told the residents of Beit Ommar that they will “turn the market into a prison”.