Report from Beit Hanoun, Gaza

19 November 2006

Beit Hanoun, Gaza

At dawn on Wednesday November 8, 2006, the Israeli occupation forces committed a massacre against the Palestinian residents of Beit Hanoun, using planes and tanks. The army entered Beit Hanoun where it killed a number of martyrs* and injured other citizens. The occupation forces relied upon the help of tanks, military vehicles and helicopters to strengthen their assault. The helicopters fired dozens of missiles at the innocent civilians, killing children and fired more missiles at homes, using the excuse of the presence of resistance fighters, an illegitimate excuse the army often uses to kill innocent civilians, as later on, one could see ambulances carrying women and children having nothing to do with the Israeli government’s allegations. doctors working in the Kamal ‘Udwan hospital in north Gaza said that the Israeli army did indeed kill a large number of innocent civilians, among them:

  • Mohammad Zayyoun age 26
  • Ahmad Qamar age 22
  • Yousef Abu Rumeida age 24
  • ‘Atef ‘Udwan age 27
  • the child Heba Qamar age 9

and others

*In Palestine, the term ‘Martyr’ is used to describe anyone who is killed by the Israeli Army. It is not connected in any way to what they were doing at the time.