Settlers Prevent Farmers from Plowing Their Land in Imneizil

25 November 2006

An Israeli settler named Ya’akov, together with other settlers from the Susiya settlement, has been plowing 300 dunams of land belonging to Palestinians from Imneizil, a small village near Susiya, for the past two weeks. One week ago, the Palestinian owners of the land came to plow and discovered that the settlers had already been working on the land and intending to take it over. When the Palestinians attempted to plow their land, Ya’akov ran in front of the tractor and lay down in front of it in order to prevent them from working. Ya’akov called the army who arrived and forbade the Palestinians from plowing their land.

Today Palestinians from Imneizil, together with activists from PSP and Ta’ayush, went again to try to plow their land. After they began to work, Ya’akov arrived with his dog in a small tractor, called the army so that Israeli soldiers would be present, and drove in front of the Palestinian tractor to prevent them from plowing. The Israeli soldiers again forbade the Palestinians from continuing to work on their land. What happened today is part of a pattern where settlers stop Palestinians from working or create problems so that the soldiers arrive and demand that the Palestinians obtain permission from the Israeli occupation authorities in order to plow their own land. Even when Palestinians bring the official permits to work on their land, the settlers collude with the soldiers to prevent them from working.