Settlers Try to Occupy Home in Tuwani

25 November 2006

Tuwani is a small Palestinian village south of Yatta, very near the Maon settlement. At 8am this morning a group of settlers carrying weapons came into the village and approached the house of Juma’a Nuwajah. They surrounded the house, shouted at Juma’a and his family, pointed their M16s at them, and threatened to occupy the house. Juma’a’s younger brother went out of the house to speak to the settlers and they hit him. The settlers called the army and a jeep arrived almost immediately and the soldiers began to yell at the Palestinians, ignoring the fact that the settlers had created the problem. More Palestinians arrived from the village, and more Israeli soldiers arrived, as well as Palestinians and internationals from PSP who were planning to meet activists from Tuwani to go with them to help farmers in another nearby village, Imneizil. When the settlers saw that more people and more soldiers had arrived, they went towards the settlement. The Israeli soldiers started yelling at the Palestinians and ordering them to go back to their houses, saying “We don’t want any problems here. Why are you making problems? Go back home!” Activists from CPT were present and filmed the confrontation with the army, and a delegation of activists from Ta’ayush arrived, who were also planning to go with the farmers in Imneizil. Eventually the villagers returned to the homes, most of the soldiers left, and the activists left to meet the farmers waiting in Imneizil.