Occupation Forces Plan to Demolish Home in Um Salamuna

29 November 2006

Um Salamuna is a village of about 2,000 residents in the Bethlehem district next to the second biggest Israeli settlement in the West Bank, Efrat, and another settlement called Migdal Oz. On 23 November 2006, the Israeli occupation authorities came to a part of the village called Wadi Dumbak and informed the Takartra and ‘Issa families that their land would be expropriated for a new checkpoint and tunnel that will be part of the Apartheid Wall. The families, who depend on agriculture to survive, will lose all of their land – some 300 dunams currently planted with olive, peach, and grape trees. Seven extended families, numbering some 300 people in all, will be affected. In addition to the agricultural land, the army plans to demolish the house of Ali Khadr ‘Issa Omar. When the Israeli occupation authorities told him that they would take his land and demolish his house, Ali was so distraught that he died from shock. He was 55 years old, and had spent his entire life working on his land. He never imagined that the Occupation would be able to steal his land so easily.

PSP activists, together with other internationals and Palestinians, have established a solidarity presence in the area. The activists will attempt to prevent the army from demolishing the home of Ali Khadr ‘Issa Omar’s family.

Map from Israeli authorities. The red and blue lines Indicates intended path of construction of The Apartheid Wall, settler-only roads, checkpoint, and tunnels.