Raw Sewage from Settlement Dumped on Palestinian Land

3 December 2006

Raw sewage and polluted water from the settlement of Kfar Etzion is being dumped onto nearby agricultural land belonging to the Al-Sabarnah family from Beit Ommar. Unfortunately, this is an all too common form of terror used by settlers in an attempt to prevent Palestinians from making a living. The influx of raw sewage raises the salinity of the soil for years afterward, damages or kills the grape vines, pollutes the environment, prevents the farmers from working on their land, and creates a potential public health crisis for the Palestinian families. The trees are turned a brown or sometimes yellow color from the sewage, indicating that the entire tree has been poisoned.

The polluted water and sewage are collected in pools at the edge of the settlement, and periodically the settlers open the pipes so that the sewage runs off onto the Palestinian land below.

The nearby settlement of Bat Ayin is also dumping sewage and polluted water on its Palestinian neighbors, specifically land planted with olive and peach trees belonging to the Suleibi family. On the other side of the Bat Ayin settlement, polluted water and sewage is also being dumped on land belonging to Palestinian families in Al-Jaba’ and Surif.