Armed with Guns, Beit ‘Ain Settlers Attack Suleiby

15 December 2006

Three Israeli settlers from the settlement of Bat ‘Ain attacked Hamad Suleiby, 60, a farmer from Beit Ommar who was working on his land near the settlement today. At about noon, when Al-Suleibi was taking a break from his work, the settlers appeared carrying guns and iron bars, and accompanied by three dogs. They hit Suleiby on the top of his head, causing him to lose consciousness. The settlers then stole his horse, saw, and pruning shears, and ran back to the settlement. When Suleiby woke up after two hours, his head was still bleeding. He managed to walk to the nearest house, where the family called a car to take him to the emergency room of ‘Alia Hospital in Hebron and called PSP. Al-Suleibi is still in intensive care in ‘Alia Hospital, but he is expected to recover.

This is not the first time that settlers from Beit ‘Ain or their animals have attacked the Suleiby family or damaged their land. Their goal is to push the farmers off their land so that they can take it over and expand the settlement. PSP has had a long-standing relationship with the Suleiby family, accompanying them to their land during harvests and documenting the extreme violence the settlers from Beit ‘Ain have used against them in their attempts to force the Palestinian farmers from their land.