Settlers Attack Palestinians in Susiya

22 December 2006

A group of Israeli settlers from the Susia settlement attacked two Palestinians from the village of Susiya today. Aziz Musa and his brother, Muhammed Musa, were attacked by three settlers at about 10am when they were grazing their sheep. The settlers, who were carrying rifles and wearing masks, beat the brothers on their arms and legs, and then threatened them further and ordered them to leave the area. The settlers also beat several of the sheep before leaving and returning to the settlement.

Settler attacks are a frequent occurrence in this area, making it very dangerous for the Palestinian residents. PSP’s goal is to have a permanent international presence in Susiya to deter these attacks, which it had for several months over the summer, but the attacks have increased recently because there is currently no permanent international presence. The ultimate aim of these recurring attacks and intimidation from the settlers is to force the Palestinian residents of Susiya to leave their land so that the settlement can expand even more.