Water in Gaza Polluted by Israeli Chemical Factories

24 December 2006

In Wadi Ghaza, an area in the middle of the Gaza Strip near Al-Bureij, Palestinians are suffering from the sewage and polluted water that runs off from Israeli towns just outside the Strip. This has caused major health problems for Palestinians in the area, and the runoff has also caused severe environmental damage in this agricultural area, depriving the farmers of their livelihood. The Wadi Ghaza municipality sent samples of the polluted water to a laboratory for tests, which revealed that the water contained dangerous chemicals from Israeli chemical factories. The fact that this polluted water and sewage is being dumped illegally in the heavily populated Gaza Strip is a crime against the environment and against humanitarian law.

The right of Palestinians to control and protect their environment is integral to the health and safety of the entire Palestinian population. Palestinian citizens – and their land, water, air, and other natural resources – should be protected from dangerous and illegal measures by the Israel, whether these occur in the 1967 Occupied Territories or inside Israel.