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Beit Ommar, Hebron District »

30 Dec 2007

Tensions are running high as residents in and around the Palestinian village of Beit Ommar find themselves virtually incarcerated. Israeli soldiers at all ends of Beit Ommar sealed the village off to both incoming and outgoing traffic, be it by vehicle or foot, for the majority of the day today and most of yesterday.

At around 10 am this morning the Israeli Occupation Forces moved in on Beit Ommar. What followed was a several hour long barrage of gunshots, sound blast grenades, tear gas, search and seizures and profanity. The IOF brought in bulldozers and humvees, sealing off all entries and exits to and from Beit Ommar which are already sparse … Continue reading

Apartheid Wall, Betlehem »

29 Dec 2007

In a demonstration yesterday orchestrated by the Popular Committee against the Wall in Betlehem and Mubadara movement, led by Mustafa Barghouti, protesters marched against the Annexation Wall in the city of Betlehem. The march began after a regional meeting in the International Center of Betlehem and went directly to a section of the Wall in which a tower stands manned with Israeli Occupation Force soldiers. Demonstrators convened at this portion of the wall, chanted, and many men beat their fists against the Wall in what became an emotionally charged protest against the 8-meter tall Wall which snakes through the streets of Betlehem in order to annex Rachel’s Tomb to the Israeli … Continue reading

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28 Dec 2007

A group of Israelis, including activists from Anarchists Against Walls, joined by internationals from PSP, took part in a critical mass demonstration in Tel Aviv last night, December 27, 2007. Bicyclists rallied at Rabin Square in Central Tel Aviv and took to the streets. Between forty and fifty cyclists rode through the streets bringing traffic in this busy center to a near standstill. Demonstrators passed out fliers and chanted slogans protesting the restriction of free movement of Palestinians in the West Bank and the embargo on Gaza. The demonstration, which lasted around an hour, ended with no injuries or arrests.

Road blocks, closures, checkpoints, and detours prevent freedom of movement for … Continue reading

Betlehem, Gaza »

27 Dec 2007

Spend any time in Occupied Palestine and you will hear countless stories of how families are divided by various aspects of the Israeli Occupation of Palestine. One such story is that of the Al-Hreimi family, grandfather Yasin, father Jalal, and daughter Samaher Al-Hreimi.

Yasin Hreimi was one of twenty six Palestinians exiled to Gaza as part of a deal brokered between Israelis and Palestinians at the end of a month long Israeli seige of the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem in 2002. Nearly 200 Palestinian men, women, and children sought refuge in the Church of the Nativity during this seige. The seige was part of a much larger Israeli offensive … Continue reading

Beit Ommar, Hebron District »

23 Dec 2007

Mohammed Awad, 17, was shot with live ammunition in the leg last night at approximately 8 pm while walking near a vegetable stand on Route 60 near the entrance to Beit Ommar. Eye witnesses report that 8 shots were fired by a special forces unit of the Israeli Army at Mohammed without warning. When two friends ran to him to help him, all three men, including the injured Mohammed, were arrested. The Israeli military took Mohammed in an army ambulance to Hadassah hospital in Jerusalem. The location of the other two men is not currently known.
When international solidarity activists came to document the scene, the soldiers took … Continue reading

Apartheid Wall, Betlehem District, South Betlehem »

22 Dec 2007

This Friday Palestinians young and old wore red and white Santa Claus hats during their weekly demonstration against the Annexation Barrier, which is being constructed on their land. The people of Um Salamuna and Al-Mas’ara gathered with Israeli and international supporters at the entrance to Um Salamuna to again march along the road in protest of the confiscation of their agricultural land by the Israeli military. However, underlining the peaceful nature of the march by wearing festive costumes was not enough to prevent a heavy-handed response by the Israeli military, who attempted to prevent the people from marching along the road as they had for the past two weeks. The … Continue reading

Apartheid Wall, Betlehem District, South Betlehem »

15 Dec 2007

Friday, international and Israeli activists joined Palestinians from the South Betlehem district for their weekly demonstration against the confiscation of their land for the construction of the Annexation Barrier. Last week, Israeli Occupation Forces violently pushed the demonstrators from the road leading from the villages of Um Salamuna and Al Ma’asara past Efrat settlement to Road 60, the major north-south thoroughfare in the Occupied West Bank. This week, as the activists gathered near the entrance to Al-Ma’asara, 12 IOF jeeps with dozens of soldiers approached the marchers and informed them that there was a new commander in charge and he was not going to allow anyone to walk on the street. … Continue reading

Beit Ommar »

12 Dec 2007

A representative from the Presbyterian Peace Fellowship joined members of the Palestine Solidarity Project and local youth in planting 12 olive trees along the fence built around the illegal Israeli settlement Karmi Tsur on Beit Ommar’s land. The 12 trees, meant to represent each member of PPF’s recent delegation to Palestine, are the first in what will hopefully be an ongoing olive tree-planting campaign organized by the Presbyterian Peace Fellowship in the Occupied Palestinian Territories in coordination with local communities including Beit Ommar. After the 12 trees were planted, local children lined up along the trees, raising their hands in victory for reclaiming land that they have been prevented from … Continue reading

Jerusalem District, Other »

12 Dec 2007

Yesterday morning at approximately 8 am the Kabaja’ family was informed that their small home was to be demolished for a second time. Israeli Occupation Forces accompanied the bulldozer and arrested two sons, Ali and Omar, aged 19 and 20. The demolition was part of a series of devastating demolitions throughout Israel and Occupied Jerusalem; over 25 homes in the Negev desert were also demolished yesterday. The demolitions of Palestinian homes in Jerusalem, particularly in the Old City and nearby areas, are part of a much wider concerted effort on the part of the Israeli government to force Palestinian residents to leave Jerusalem and to “judaicize” the city. The … Continue reading

Apartheid Wall, Betlehem District, South Betlehem »

8 Dec 2007

Yesterday, international and Israeli activists joined Palestinians from the South Betlehem area in their weekly demonstration against the construction of the Annexation Barrier on their agricultural land. Participants met in the entrance to Um Salamuna and began marching down the street, which has both Palestinian and Israeli settler traffic from Efrat to Tekoa. Demonstrators were not attempting to block the road to vehicular traffic, but rather were making sure that their message of “no, no to the Wall!” and “End the Occupation!” was heard. When the approached the site of the construction of the barrier, soldiers from the Israeli Occupation Forces stopped the march in the middle of the streets. … Continue reading