Villagers in Bani Naim Declare: We Will Replant

11 January 2007

PSP activists joined the people of Bani Naim as they went to the land that was destroyed by the settlers of Pene Hever one week before. Over 150 palestinians from from Bani Naim were accompanied by PSP activists and other Israeli and international groups as they returned to the land that was burned by right-wing settlers a few days before Christmas. On December 20, the family Manasira had to stand by and watch as over 50 dunums of their land was set afire by Israeli settlers who threatened to shoot the men if they tried to approach to put the fire out. Hundreds of fruit, almond and live trees, some several generations old, were burnt to the ground.

Today, the farmers and villagers from all political factions stood on the scorched land and declared that they would replant the trees and continue to defy the settlers’ desire to force them from their land and homes. Israeli soldiers lined the fence of the settlement but did not approach the peaceful demonstration.