Fighting Expulsion: Susiya Villagers Demonstrate

13 January 2007

Over 300 Palestinian, international and Israeli activists joined the inhabitants of Susiya beduin camp in a demonstration against pending Israeli Supreme Court case where the Israeli government, in support of the Susiya settlers, are attempting to expel the Palestinians from their land. 4 buses of Israeli and international activists as well as Palestinians from several villages working with PSP marched around the edge of the Susiya settlement in defiance of their attempt to take their land.

The settlers have engaged in a campaign of terror against the Palestinians of Susiya for many years now, including putting toxic chemicals on the land, poisoning the water wells and beating the inhabitants during the night, all in their push to expropriate the small area of land still inhabited by the Palestinians. Now, the settlers are attempting to “legally” take their land. The Israeli army has declared a large area of the Palestinians’ land as a Special Security Area and the army has been given orders to “shoot to kill” any Palestinian who goes onto that land. At the same time, the settlers are claiming that the land rightfully belongs to them because the Palestinians have “abandoned” it by not cultivating it.

It is clear that the Israelis are using “security” as an excuse to increase settler real estate. As one Israeli activist said to an international PSP activist: “You are lucky you are here to see this. These [Bedouin] communities are very rare and unique and you may never see this one again.”

At the end of the demonstration about 10 settlers approached and began shouting and trying to attack the peaceful demonstrators. Israeli activists intervened and there were no injuries.