The Wall Comes to Um Salamuna

15 January 2007

On January 15, 2007 the Israeli Army began construction on the Apartheid Wall in Um Salamuna. The Army says The Wall is being built in the area to protect the illegal settlement Efrat which was constructed on Um Salamuna’s land over a decade ago. The Wall is not being constructed along the edge of the settlement land, but rather snakes through the land of Um Salamuna on an incomprehensible path, taking 300 dunums of agricultural land and cutting off at least one resident’s house from the rest of the village.

At 9 in the morning, the PSP commmittee of Um Salamuna along with other residents went to the construction site where two bulldozers had begun tearing through the land and uprooting trees. The villagers, accompanied by internationals, attempted to block the bulldozers and were met with overwhelming violence by the Israeli Occupation Forces. Two men, Ali Moussa and Mustafa Younis were seriously injured when Israeli soldiers beat them with their rifles. Um Salamuna will continue to resist the construction in a demonstration this Friday where they will be joined by the PSP committees from surrounding villages and international and Israeli activists.