Um Salamuna Continues Fight Against The Wall

19 January 2007

Today, PSP committees from Beit Ommar, Al-Jab’a and Al-Khadr, as well as International and Israeli activists joined over 300 people from Um Salamuna to demonstrate against the continued confiscation of their land by the construction of the Apartheid Wall. The people were addressed by the head of the Village Council and other PSP committee members about the impact The Wall will have on theirs and other villages. The men and women then prayed on the land and marched peacefully back to the village.

Um Salamuna will lose over 700 dunums of land, much of it expropriated to the illegal settlement Efrat. It is clear that the path of The Apartheid Wall, which snakes through the land of Um Salamuna in loops, is designed to confisgate as much land as possible to be incorporated into Efrat. On the other side of Efrat, in the village of Al-Khadr, the path is similar. Efrat will gain hundreds of dunums of land extra-judicially because of the path of The Wall. One woman whose 300 dunums of land near Efrat will all be on the Efrat side of The Wall said, “They say we are terrorists, but they are the terrorists. They take our land. All we want is our land. What will [my son] have when he is big? The Israelis have taken everything.”