Policy of Forced Starvation in Gaza?

25 January 2007

On January 23 an Israeli army tank and two bulldozers came to the land of Ahmed Mahmoud Qamir and destroyed his large and relatively productive farm. His house was also blown up by the Israeli Occupation Forces. The IOF told the family that the area was being used for cover by Palestinian fighters firing rockets at Israeli cities nearby, though there was no evidence of this and nothing was found in the area.

Since the Gaza “withdrawal” Israeli Occupation Forces have frequently entered Palestinian cities in Gaza and destroyed large tracts of land used by the people of Gaza for much-needed income and food. It is widely believed that this is part of an intentional policy on the part of the Israeli government to destroy any possibility of Palestinian economic self-sufficiency in Gaza. Since the freeze on international aid to the people of Gaza, the economic crisis has reached catastrophic proportions. Over 50% of children in Gaza eat fewer than 3 meals a day and there are reports of severe malnutrition and deaths from starvation.