IOF Abducts Man in Beit Ommar, Part of Sweep in Betlehem Area

26 January 2007

At 2am, January 25, 3 jeeps and 13 soldiers from the Israeli Occupation Forces invaded the village of Beit Ommar. The IOF placed an explosive on and blew open the door of Waheed Abu Maria’s home. On the other side of the door was the room where his 4 small children were sleeping. They then forced themselves into the room where they handcuffed his 17 year old son, Hamze, and beat him in the head with their rifles, though he was later released. Waheed was then handcuffed and forced into a jeep, where his family reported he was beaten severely.

The same night, 6 men from the neighboring village of Beit Fajjar were also arrested and nearly 16 others in the wider Bethlehem area.

Waheed was released after serving 14 years in Israeli prison just three months ago. After his arrest at the end of the 1st Intifada the IOF blew up his home, a common act of collective punishment for families of those arrested. After partially rebuilding the home, his family has been left without a roof. His current whereabouts or the accusations against him are unknown.