IOF Invade Beit Ommar

30 January 2007

Last night at approximately 6pm, just after the evening prayer, the Israeli Occupation Forces invaded Beit Ommar. 4 jeeps, including one containing Shabak (Israeli intelligence) and an armed Humvee invaded Beit Ommar, population 15,000.

For over an hour the IOF broke into homes and ransacked them. They also shot copious amounts of tear gas and rubber bullets and threw over a dozen percussion grenades at young shebab who had come out into the street. They also shot tear gas into nearby homes, not only in violation of international law, but in violation of the IOF’s own procedural protocols. They raided and occupied the home of Mohammed Sabarneh, holding his family in one room as they tore open his couches, broke his furniture and destroyed family possessions. After 1 hour they arrested Mohammed Sabarneh and one other Palestinian man. Their current whereabouts are known.

Beit Ommar has often been the target of arbitrary invasions and arrests by the Israeli Occupation Forces. It was clear that the invasion last night was in revenge for the bombing in Eilat, Israel earlier that day, as a form of collective punishment for all of the Palestinian people.