Anarchists blockade downtown Tel Aviv for the second time in a month

3 February 2007

For the second time in a month activists from Anarchists Against the Wall blocked one of Tel Aviv’s busiest streets using razor wire taken from the segregation wall in the West Bank village of Bil’in. In a replica of an action on December 28th, the activists brought Rothschild Street in downtown Tel Aviv to a standstill this afternoon at around 3 pm.

Activists placing the razor wire in Rothschild Street in Tel Aviv

Two rolls of razor wire were stretched across the street parallel to each other in a formation reminiscent of that of the wall. Red signs reading: “Mortal Danger-Military Zone. Any person who passes or damages the fence endangers his life”, also from the wall itself, were hung on the razor wire. The razor wire was attached to street lights on both sides of the road using a metal chain that ran through it.

A sign from the segregation wall in Bil’in decorating the Tel Aviv blockade

The action was carried to remind the people of Tel Aviv of the everyday hardships of Palestinians, resulting from Israel’s apartheid policies and conduct in the Occupied Territories and from the occupation itself. The activists urged Israelis to take responsibility for what is being done in their names, and to force an end to Israeli occupation.

The traffic jam caused by the blockade