International, Israeli Activists Sit on Bulldozers in Um Salamuna

28 February 2007

Today 5 internationals and 6 Israelis joined Palestinians to stop the bulldozing on the land of Um Salamuna near the village of Wadi an-Nis. The internationals and Israelis along with 2 Palestinians from PSP climbed on top of a Caterpillar bulldozer when it was stopped for a break. For over 2 hours Israeli and International activists prevented that bulldozer from working. Another bulldozer was stopped when Palestinian, international and Israeli activists stood in front of it for some time.

After 2 hours, 10 soldiers from the Israeli Occupation Forces along with Israeli Military Police and the private security for the bulldozers pulled the international and Israeli activists from the bulldozer. Two internationals, from Minneapolis, United States and Kyoto, Japan and 4 Israeli activists were arrested and taken to the Gush Etzion prison. They were released after a few hours on the condition that they would not return to the site of their arrests for 15 days.

There was also a report that the keys to one of the bulldozers were taken.