Settlers March Through Beit Ommar, Are Driven Out

3 March 2007

Today at around 2pm over 50 settlers from the settlement Beit ‘Ain marched through the Saffa area of Beit Ommar. Some were dressed all in white and were carrying Uzis (Israeli automatic guns). When the settlers were confronted by over 200 Palestinians they turned and ran, shooting in the air. The Israeli Army arrived and after watching for some time they escorted the settlers out of the village and back into Beit ‘Ain.

Over 1 month ago, 300 settlers from the same settlement made a similar “demonstration” through the nearby Palestinian village of Surif. The settlers of Beit ‘Ain have been harrassing Palestinians from the villages of Beit Ommar and Surif for over three years now, attacking farmers on their land and destroying olive trees and grape vineyards. Today’s events were part of an ongoing campaign by the Israeli settlers to terrorize the Palestinian residents nearby. Today, the people of Beit Ommar defiantly drove the settlers out of their village.