Settler-Only Road Through Agricultural University

12 March 2007

The Palestine Agricultural University near Aroub refugee camp was not even given notice that the Israeli Army was going to be building a settler-only road through their campus. They read about it in the newspaper.

A court case has been filed in which the first request is an official map of the proposed road. The preliminary map given (not drawn to size) depicts a main road, sidewalk area, and presumably a “no-man’s land” area along side the road. It was reported that the road will run from Gush Etzion settlement bloc down to near the entrance of Hebron.

The University, the only one of its kind in Palestine founded in 1962 has 800 students from throughout Palestine. It anticipates losing 4 or 5 major greenhouses and a water-treatment plant. The greenhouses are used to cultivate all of the school’s plants. The loss of these greenhouses will have a devastating effect on all aspects of the University.