Demonstrations in South Betlehem Expand to Wadi Rahhal

23 March 2007

The regular friday demonstration in the South Betlehem area was held in Wadi Rahhal yesterday. The regional Popular Committee is committed to including all of the South Betlehem villages in the struggle against the construction of the Annexation Wall on their lands. Nearly 100 Palestinians, internationals and Israelis met near the path of The Wall where they held a short demonstration and then marched to the village.

Wadi Rahhal is a small village near the Israeli settlement Neve Daniel. If The Wall is completed on its proposed path, Wadi Rahhal, along with the villages Nahalin, Batir, Husan and Al-Jab’a, will be left on the western side of The Wall, included in the Gush Etzion settlement bloc which is being annexed to Israel. They will be completely cut off from the rest of the West Bank and trapped in a canton that contains some of the most violent and extreme settlers, including those from the infamous settlement Beit ‘Ain, whose violent attacks on nearby Palestinian farmers are routine.

Dr. Mustafa Barghouthi from Mubadara spoke at the demonstration about the drastic effects The Wall will have on all Palestinians. The effect it will have on those approxmately 45,000 Palestinians throughout the West Bank who will be trapped between The Wall and the Green line is particularly devastating. Bekah Wolf from PSP also thanked the communities for the honor of inviting international activists to share in their struggle against the Israeli Occupation, and the need for all international activists to continue to work in their own countries; to spread accurate information about what is happening on the ground in Palestine.

**Thanks once again to Oren and the people at ActiveStills for the photo