Abu Jabber Soleiby Continues to Work Land in Defiance of Violent Settlers

24 March 2007

Today, International and Israeli activists from Ta’ayush movement joined Abu Jabber Soleiby and the Beit Ommar Popular Committee as Soleiby, his brother and his nephew pruned their grapevines near the Israeli settlement Beit ‘Ain. Abu Jabber and his brother have been forced to rely on accompaniment by international and Israeli activists to work their land in the Saffa area of Beit Ommar after repeated violent attacks from the settlers. The Soleiby family is determined to continue to go to their land in defiance of the settlers’ attempts to terrorize them and force them to give up the land that they have owned for decades.
Abu Jabber spoke about the repeated attempts by the Israeli government to push Palestinians off their land. He said that Palestinians were driven out of their homeland in 1948, when Palestinians from Haifa, Tel Aviv, Jaffa, and the Galilee were forced off their land, and again in 1967 when people around Beit Ommar were driven off their land and into nearby refugee camps. Now, he said, the settlers, with the support of the Israeli government, are trying to terrorize the Palestinian people yet again into fleeing from the land and homes they have lived in for generations. He then asked, “so who are the terrorists?”