Illegal Roadblock Removed, Again

26 March 2007

Nearly a month ago an illegal roadblock, that PSP, Palestinian, and Israeli activists had removed in October, was put back into place. As promised, last night the Beit Ommar Popular Committee, PSP, international and Israeli activists removed the roadblock, again. The roadblock was prohibiting traffic from the main vegetable market in Beit Ommar to Route 60, the main thoroughfare to Betlehem and Hebron. Because of this roadblock, it was very difficult for vegetable trucks to carry produce from Beit Ommar to surrounding areas.

The right to freedom of movement is recognized under international law and therefore all roadblocks put in Palestine by Israeli Occupation Forces are illegal. These roadblocks are often used, as in the case of Beit Ommar, to funnel all traffic from a village or area through one entrance, making it easy to seal off the village at will. Approximately 2 years ago this was done in Beit Ommar; the IOF built a watchtower and gate at the main entrance of Beit Ommar, blocked all other access roads, and then closed the gate. For nearly one month Beit Ommar was a virtual prison; the gate was opened irregularly for only a few hours every week.

PSP is committed to supporting Palestinians exercising their rght to freedom of movement and are dedicated to keeping this road open.