Israeli Army Uses Attack Dog at Ar-Ram Checkpoint

29 March 2007

Today at 7:55 am the Israeli Occupation Forces used a military attack dog on a Palestinian woman at Ar-Ram checkpoint, between Ramallah and Jerusalem. Eyewitness John, from the Ecummenical Accompaniment program said that as the woman was walking down a side street near the checkpoint the soldiers, without warning, let loose an attack dog which savagely bit the woman’s leg and knocked her to the ground. The soldier then approached with his weapon aimed at her. When John attempted to take pictures to document the attack, the soldiers prevented him from doing so. A Palestinian PSP activist who was at the checkpoint by chance at the time, also witnessed the attack. He was told that she was being detained and would not be allowed to leave. The army then threatened to arrest the international activists, including an American activist from PSP who had arrived, if they continued to attempt to talk to her. She was clearly injured and was held for over 3 hours before receiving medical attention. She was then presumably arrested and taken away in an Israeli military jeep. Though the army would not tell international activists why she was being detained, there were several people being held at the checkpoint for not having the correct type of permit needed to get into Jerusalem.

That same morning at the same checkpoint, a Palestinian woman with an American Passport was denied passage through the checkpoint, though the white European and American activists from the Eccumenical Accompaniers and PSP were allowed through without incident in a clear act of racial segregation.