Israeli Army Invades Beit Ommar on Land Day

30 March 2007

Today at approximately 4:30 pm four army jeeps entered the edge of Beit Ommar and occupied one home. from the rooftop of the home, they shot rubber-coated steel bullets and tear gas into the fields and onto the roofs of nearby houses. There was no planned demonstration in Beit Ommar and the Israeli Army entered with no obvious goal other than to antagonize the local people. After shooting at no clear targets from that location, the jeeps moved and entered the main street in the town, occupying the balcony of another home and shooting rubber-coated steel bullets indiscriminately between the houses and tear gas canisters onto the roofs of other homes. This is yet another event in a pattern of invasions of Beit Ommar that have no purpose. The Israeli Army enters various areas of Beit Ommar almost daily. On February 9th and 10th of this year the Israeli Army shot 7 Palestinian children with live ammunition. Thankfully, there were no injuries reported today.