Beit Ommar Locked Down

5 April 2007

Today, at approximately 3:30 pm at least two communities in the Hebron region, Al-Aroub refugee camp and Beit Ommar, were completely locked down. Gates to the entrances of the villages were closed and the Israeli army would not let anyone in cars or on foot leave. In addition, traffic running north on Route 60 (the main highway from southern Palestine up through Jerusalem) was shut down outside Gush Etzion settlement bloc, completely cutting off traffic from the Hebron region to the rest of Palestine.

The Israeli army has blocked all roads out of Al-Aroub and Beit Ommar except the ones controlled by the Israeli gates. For over 2 hours the street and villages remained shut. When a PSP international volunteer asked the soldiers why Beit Ommar had been put in lockdown, they said they didn’t know, just that it was for security for the street.