Nahallin Commemorates Palestinian Prisoners Day

15 April 2007

On April 15 the village of Nahallin in the Betlehem district held a festival honoring prisoners day. They also commemorated the massacres by the Israeli Occupation Forces in their vllage in 1954 and 1989 when 12 people were killed. Nahallin is a village of 7000 people who will be particularly devastated by the construction of the Annexation Wall. It is surrounded by the settlements of Betar Illit, Etzion, Daniel, and Jaba, all within the Gush Etzion settlement bloc. When the Wall is completed, Nahallin, along with 4 other villages, will be cut off from the West Bank and in limbo, being west of the Wall, surrounded by the settlement bloc, but east of the Green Line. There has been no official statement by the Israeli government as to the fate of the people of Nahallin and the approximately 18,000 other Palestinians who will be caught between the Annexation Wall and the Green Line, which is currently considered the ‘border’ between Israel and The Occupied Palestinian Territories.