15 Year Old Boy Arrested in Beit Ommar

20 April 2007

On Monday, April 16, 3 Israeli Occupation Force jeeps drove into Beit Ommar from the Karmi Tsur settlement. The IOF enters the village from this area nearly every other day as a show of force, antagonizing the local residents and young boys. On this day, the jeeps entered the village and picked out ‘Az Mahmoud Migbal, 15, from a group of young boys, and forced him into a jeep. His mother came out to the jeep and pleaded with the soldiers to let him go. When she asked why her son was being arrested the soldiers said he was throwing stones. They then pushed her away and took ‘Az away to a military prison in Ofer, near Ramallah.
By IOF military standards Palestinians under the age of 16 are considered minors (the age of maturity for Israelis is 18). This child was placed in an adult military prison and was held for 4 days for throwing a rock at an armored, military vehicle. On Thursday, April 19, he was released on a 5000 shekel bail (more than our coordinator, Yousef Abu Maria, who was released the same day on 3000 shekel bail). Though physically ok, ‘Az was clearly traumatized by the event and his days of imprisonment.