Soldiers Arrest Man in Beit Ommar for “Talking Back”

21 April 2007

At 12 pm April 20, the Israeli Occupation Forces once again invaded Beit Ommar. This time, 4 soldiers came first on foot into a densely populated area near the center of town. They began to shoot dozens of tear gas canisters and hundreds of rubber-coated steel bullets around and into nearby houses. One older man from the Beit Ommar Popular Committee, who was standing on his porch at the time, was shot in the shoulder with a rubber-coated steel bullet. The army also shot live ammunition into the streets, though thankfully no one was injured.
During the three hour invasion which did not seem to serve any obvious purpose, as usual, a man came out from his second-story home that was just above the area the soldiers were shooting from. He shouted at the soldiers, questioning why they were there and what they were doing. 4 soldiers then ran up to his home and arrested him for, as they said, “talking bad to them”. They then occupied his home for some time, shooting more tear gas and ammunition. He was released later that day. Afterward, PSP collected some of the live ammunition shell casings as proof that the IOF was using lethal weaponry against unarmed civilians.