Big Brother Just Got Bigger

24 April 2007

On April 15, 2007 The Israeli Occupation Forces bulldozed a small area of land across the street from the Watchtower of Beit Ommar, giving no explanation and leaving shortly after PSP observers showed up. A few days later, it became clear why. The soldiers came again with a large crane and bulldozer and dismantled the current watchtower (using the bulldozed area where fruit trees once stood as a temporary resting place for the old watchtower), only to replace it with a watchtower nearly twice as tall. The soldiers closed the entrance to vehicular traffic into and out of Beit Ommar for two days as they completed the construction. No soldier could give an explanation for why a higher tower was needed, though there is speculation that it is designed to have a better view both of the land near Karmi Tsur and the nearby roadblock that PSP has dismantled three times in the last 6 months.