Bulldozing Begins Again On the Land of Um Salamuna

12 May 2007

Though the bulldozing of land belonging to the residents of Um Salamuna was stopped for several weeks due to a court order, (recent demonstrations have been on land owned by the residents of Wadi an-Nis) the court has lifted the injunction and the uprooting of olive trees and grapevines has begun again on the land of Um Salamuna. At a demonstration on Friday, people from Um Salamuna and the surrounding villages went to the land of Mahmoud Takatka, the head of the Um Salamuna City Council, where they prayed and then spoke about the new court decision and its impact on the people of Um Salamuna.
They also spoke about Alan Johnston, the BBC journalist kidnapped in Gaza. They called for his immediate release, stating that this kidnapping only served to help the Israeli Occupation by diverting attention from the real problems of the Palestinian people. The demonstrators then attempted to march down the path of the Annexation Barrier but were stopped by dozens of Israeli soldiers. there was a confrontation when the Palestinian demonstrators attempted to march through the line of soldiers, but there were no injures or arrests and the demonstrators left peacefully.