Success in Beit Ommar: Trees Planted and a Roadblock Removed

19 May 2007

Israeli and International activists, including members of PSP and Ta’ayush, joined Palestinians from Beit Ommar for two consecutive actions – replanting an olive tree grove and removing a roadblock placed on private property. Despite attempted intimidation by soldiers, the activists successfully planted 35 olive trees near the entrance to Beit Ommar, where on April 15th, 2007 the Israeli Army uprooted a grove of trees. The Israeli Occupation Forces informed the owners of the land that it was being bulldozed because kids had been throwing stones from the area. It was yet another act of collective punishment. Within an hour, the group of activists had replanted the trees without incident.

The group then made its way to a small farm in the area of Safa, near Beit Ommar, where soldiers had created a roadblock to isolate families from their farmland near the illegal Israeli Settlement, Beit ‘Ain. Today, the team of 40 activists, along with members of the affected families, successfully removed the roadblock and opened access to their land.