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Betlehem District »

24 May 2007

Israeli Occupation Forces invaded the village of Al Abediya, near Bethlehem, invading houses before attacking and questioning villagers. The three known arrestees are Mahmud Abdulah Al Asa, aged 53; Kaathem Radaidah, 22; and Faaez Sahood Abe Sarhan, 42.

Gaza »

24 May 2007

Israeli Occupation Forces forces killed 30 year old fisherman Saeed Nade Alatar. An IOF ship fired rockets at Alatar as he was fishing off the shore of his hometown, the fishing village of Alwaha. Three months ago his mother was killed in a similar attack in Al Ferusya, North Gaza. This is only one episode in a series of criminal attacks by the Israeli Military on civilians in Gaza in the past 10 days.

Apartheid Wall, Betlehem District »

24 May 2007

Israeli Occupation Forces forces brought eight jeeps and one bulldozer through the village of Al-Walajah, using extreme violence to destroy wells and farmland. They destroyed a well owned by Mohammad Saleh Abutiin, which provides the local community with essential water supplies for home use and for agriculture. The invasion has resulted in 10,000 litres of water being lost. In total the IOF destroyed two dunam of land which includes olive trees which are over 40 years old. Al-Walajah is a small village in the Betlehem district which will be completely surrounded by the Annexation Barrier if completed on its current path.