Roadblock Opened in Al-Jab’a; Car Chase in Beit Ommar

31 May 2007

Today Palestinians from Sarif and Al-Jab’a’s PSP Committee were joined by members of the Palestine Solidarity Project and Israeli Anarchists Against the Wall in successfully removing a roadblock that blocked movement between the villages of Al-Jab’a and Sarif. During the removal, an IOF jeep arrived. The people continued on. Soon after, a hummer came and the group left temporarily. When the group returned to finish the removal, two more jeeps and ten more soldiers came. Despite the intended intimidation, the people successfully removed the roadblock.

Then the Palestine Solidarity Project and the Anarchists Against the Wall joined Beit Ommar’s Popular Committee to remove an important roadblock in Beit Ommar. The roadblock has been preventing traffic from the large vegetable market in Beit Ommar to Route 60, the main highway linking Beit Ommar and other villages to both Hebron to the south and Bethlehem to the north. This roadblock has already been removed three times and then reinstituted by the IOF. Palestine Solidarity Project and people of Beit Ommar are insistent that the road remain open and that the IOF NOT have control over the movements of the Palestinians of Beit Ommar.

When PSP, the Popular Committee, and the Israeli activists arrived, there was one hummer waiting near the roadblock. The group began removing the roadblock regardless. One concrete block was removed successfully. The soldiers lined up along the roadblock, blocking further work and the group left in three separate cars. One jeep and one hummer followed the three cars for one hour with video cameras. They photographed the license plates and the participants. Eventually, the cars split to two directions and the IOF followed two of the cars. Then the two cars went in different directions and the IOF left.

There are 4 major roadblocks throughout Beit Ommar preventing vehicular traffic from several neighborhoods to the main highway. They are part of a larger ‘matrix of control’ designed by the Israeli Army to maintain complete control over the movements of Palestinians. The people of Beit Ommar and PSP are committed to maintaining freedom of movement to and from their village and others. The Israeli Army will NOT be allowed to make the people of Beit Ommar prisoners in their own village.