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Beit Ommar »

25 Jun 2007

After being released from prison, Samir Abu Marya of Beit Ommar received a new paper ID and has been denied access to a real ID for the next three years. In February of 2007, Samir Abu Marya, 20 years old, was arrested at the Gush Etzion checkpoint. He sat in prison without a fair trial for three months under administrative detention. When he was released, he received a sheet of paper that listed the dates of his imprisonment instead of an ID. He went to the Palestinian Administration the next day in order to get a real ID, but was informed that Israel blocked his access to owning … Continue reading

Hebron District »

23 Jun 2007

The IOF shot and killed Shadi Rajih Al-Matoor, 25, at a military roadblock near the city of Halhul. Halhul is a village of 28,000 between Beit Ommar and Hebron. The IOF instituted a flying checkpoint between Halhoul and Hebron, stopping traveling Palestinians. When Al-Matoor’s service was stopped, the passengers were ordered to leave the vehicle. Shadi Rajih Al-Matoor was checked and then shot first in the head and then in the leg with rubber bullets. He was then rushed to the Al Ahli Palestinian hospital in Hebron where he died.

Al-Matoor was shopping for vegetables, and when he did not return his mother was worried. She called his … Continue reading

Gaza »

20 Jun 2007

Many soldiers, tanks, bulldozers, and jeeps of the IOF occupied the area near the Kissufim checkpoint. Soldiers shot guns and tanks shot rockets near Palestinian homes and farms. Some Palestinians say that they are doing this as a fear-tactic to keep people in their homes. As this has become a normal occurrence, this time a bulldozer tore apart olive trees on a farm. Helicopters followed foot soldiers to support their endeavors on land. —as a form of resistance. For many of the communities we work with, simply remaining on their land in the face of intimidation, violence, economic strangulation, and a history of forced displacement, is an act … Continue reading

Beit Ommar, Roadblock Removal »

17 Jun 2007

For the fourth time, the IOF reinstituted a roadblock to prevent traffic from the large vegetable market in Beit Ommar to Route 60, the main highway linking Beit Ommar and other villages to both Hebron to the south and Bethlehem to the north. The Palestine Solidarity Project along with other groups have already removed this roadblock four times. This particular roadblock directly affects and damages the economy of Beit Ommar and the farmers’ ability to make a living, which is why the PSP is so adamant about removing this roadblock. Several times it was removed at night for the activists’ security.

In the … Continue reading

Al-Jab'a, Hebron District »

9 Jun 2007

The Palestine Solidarity Project organized three consecutive actions together with the Anarchists Against the Wall and the Popular Committee of Hebron. The first action: removing a roadblock in Al Jab’a. PSP, together with other various groups, removed this particular roadblock four times. It blocks the movement of a main road connecting Al Jab’a and Surif, turning a trip that used to take five minutes into one hour. Palestinians must use different roads to ‘bypass’ the Gush Etzion settlement bloc and other Palestinian villages. About 50 people worked together with ropes, sticks, and shovels to remove the three cement blocks. Through much effort and hard work, they … Continue reading

Betlehem District »

5 Jun 2007

Hundreds of Palestinians from several organized movements came together against checkpoints and walked from Nablus to Huwwara to remember the 40 Years of Occupation. They also had the goal of speaking with soldiers about the significance of the 1967 war- that they should not forget this date and what it meant for Palestine. Starting at the Nablus municipality building, many societies, municipalities, organizations, and groups shared in walking by foot to the Huwwara checkpoint. People had signs against the Occupaiton and there were speeches and chants. Checkpoints are largely responsible for creating the Occupation’s grasp of control over the lives and everyday movement of Palestinians, crushing the viability of … Continue reading

Hebron District »

5 Jun 2007

This morning, Yehia Al Jabari age 67, where shot and killed by the IOF in his home Hebron. His wife, Fatimah, 65, was with him and was seriously injured. The IOF invaded their home with police dogs and began shooting at the family inside. Other family members were also injured, and went to the Hebron hospital to receive treatment. Kamel age 38, Rajeh age 19, and Ma’her age 14. Two other family members went into hysteria because of the day’s events.