Incursion in Qabatiyah, the People will Continue Resisting

3 June 2007

There is constant IOF activity in the town Qabatiyah, south Jenin, and the people are constantly pushing back. There are demonstrations to resist the daily activity and the people of Qabatiyah are speaking out against what they are witnessing and experiencing. In the middle of the night, around 3 am, soldiers from a specially trained unit attacked the city from several sides, first advancing from the hills and then hiding throughout the city. Um Yousef said, she woke up from gun fire near her house. Then the soldiers commanded that all the people leave their homes and come outside. They were threatened with gunfire and police dogs were present. The IOF then went into peoples' homes and destroyed possessions and furniture. Eight people were arrested. Seven students were wounded by gunfire, three of which received injuries in their head. This left the community in a shocked and vulnerable state. The next day, it was difficult for many students to go to school in the morning for their final exams. But the People of Qabatiyah say they will continue to resist against the Occupation.