The Walk from Nablus to Huwwara: Remembering 40 Years of Occupation

5 June 2007

Hundreds of Palestinians from several organized movements came together against checkpoints and walked from Nablus to Huwwara to remember the 40 Years of Occupation. They also had the goal of speaking with soldiers about the significance of the 1967 war- that they should not forget this date and what it meant for Palestine. Starting at the Nablus municipality building, many societies, municipalities, organizations, and groups shared in walking by foot to the Huwwara checkpoint. People had signs against the Occupaiton and there were speeches and chants. Checkpoints are largely responsible for creating the Occupation’s grasp of control over the lives and everyday movement of Palestinians, crushing the viability of a Palestinian state. They separate families from families, students from school, workers from work, products from markets, farmers from land, etc. When the demonstration was finished, they planted olive trees on the side of the Huwwara checkpoint