Son Shot and Killed by IOF at a Checkpoint

23 June 2007

The IOF shot and killed Shadi Rajih Al-Matoor, 25, at a military roadblock near the city of Halhul. Halhul is a village of 28,000 between Beit Ommar and Hebron. The IOF instituted a flying checkpoint between Halhoul and Hebron, stopping traveling Palestinians. When Al-Matoor’s service was stopped, the passengers were ordered to leave the vehicle. Shadi Rajih Al-Matoor was checked and then shot first in the head and then in the leg with rubber bullets. He was then rushed to the Al Ahli Palestinian hospital in Hebron where he died.

Al-Matoor was shopping for vegetables, and when he did not return his mother was worried. She called his cellphone repeatedly until someone in the hospital answered his phone. He explained to Al-Matoor’s mother that he had been shot by a soldier and had died. Al-Matoor’s mother went directly to the hospital where she found her son in the freezer room.