New Paper ID for Ex-Prisoners Potentially New Strategy to Control Movement

25 June 2007

After being released from prison, Samir Abu Marya of Beit Ommar received a new paper ID and has been denied access to a real ID for the next three years. In February of 2007, Samir Abu Marya, 20 years old, was arrested at the Gush Etzion checkpoint. He sat in prison without a fair trial for three months under administrative detention. When he was released, he received a sheet of paper that listed the dates of his imprisonment instead of an ID. He went to the Palestinian Administration the next day in order to get a real ID, but was informed that Israel blocked his access to owning a real ID for the next three years. He must use the paper.

In order to move or travel in the West Bank, Palestinians must cross through one to several of the 700 various checkpoints that exist in the West Bank. The ID system is bureaucratic way of controlling and suppressing Palestinians. This new paper ID system easily singles out Palestinians who have been victim to the racist and discriminatory Israeli prison system. Samir Abu Marya will inevitably have difficulties traveling throughout the West Bank for the next three years.