Demonstration Against the Expulsion of the People of Susiya

7 July 2007

On Saturday July 7, about 200 Israeli, international, and Palestinian people gathered in the Southern Hebron Hills to participate in an action against the eviction of the residents of Susiya. The day of solidarity was organized by Combatants for Peace and Ta’ayush. The land-thirsty settlement, which also stole the name Susiya, won a case in court on June 6 which legally allows the eviction of the area’s legal land owners. Because their land is considered “area C”, the Israeli state declared that the Palestinians are illegally squatting on the land they have lived on for centuries. One reason for this is because the Palestinians built their homes without permits after being evicted once before, and therefore the houses must be destroyed again according to the Israeli government.

After listening to speakers from Combatants for Peace and Ta’ayush, there was walking tour of the village. Participants passed through the Palestinians’ homes and fields while Israeli soldiers and border police started crowding the hill and valley bordering the settlement. The marchers drowned out their loudspeaker with songs and chants while the soldiers ordered them to leave the “closed military zone” which had been declared for the area. The order was ignored for some time and then the demonstration finished without incident.