Land of Beit Ommar ‘Declared’ Area C, Homes Potentially Demolished

8 July 2007

On Wednesday, July 4 at 1 pm soldiers entered Beit Ommar with two jeeps. They stopped at a road near the PSP house and ordered a farmer, Nassir Ala’ame, to wait for one hour before working his land. With a map in hand, the soldier asked Nassir if he could tell him more information about a certain area called Wadi al Arab in Beit Ommar. After the hour, he was informed that he could not work his land at all that day.

A few days later the soldiers came again and detained the student Ahmad Moussa Awad for one hour to interrogate him for more information about the area. Afterwards the IOF set up a checkpoint on Ahseeda street where the soldiers then stopped several other people and interrogated them about the same area.

It is believed that the soldiers were trying to gain more information about the residents of Wadi Al Arab. Six months ago the city council of Beit Ommar was forced to give papers to the residents of ten houses located in Wadi Al Arab which explained that the area is now Area C, a designation out of the Oslo Peace Accords that means that the area is under complete Israeli military control. It is believed that these homes, which may now be considered unpermitted, will be demolished.