Israeli Occupation Forces Bring Tanks, Hummers into Betlehem

9 July 2007

Today, July 9th, 15 hummers from the Israeli Occupation Forces entered Betlehem and occupied the home of Mohammed Khalil Atalah, 40, on Asaf street. Tanks were also brought in and closed the street. They shot live ammunition in the air and threw sound grenades in the streets in an act of intimidation of the residents of the area, including small children. While some soldiers were ransacking the home, including using police dogs, other soldiers beat passersby. Some soldiers were undercover, dressed as Palestinians. After searching the home for approximately 4 hours, Mr. Atalah was arrested.
Betlehem is in Area A, which, through the Oslo Peace Accords, is supposed to be under the complete control of the Palestinian Authority. However, the Israeli army frequently invades cities in Areas A, including Betlehem, Nablus, and Ramallah.