As One Home Goes Up, Another Comes Down

19 July 2007

The Israeli Committee Against Home Demolitions has begun their annual summer camp to rebuild a home in the village of Anata, near Jerusalem. At approximately 11am on July 17, the volunteers got notice that another home in Anata was going to be demolished. As International and Israeli volunteers were working with Palestinians in the village to prepare the home’s new roof, Israeli Army jeeps along with police accompanied a bulldozer to the home next to the ICAHD project. The small home was for a family of 9, who were away at the time. The bulldozer quickly demolished the home as the volunteers were forced to watch, fearful to draw attention to the home they were rebuilding, which is still under a demolition order itself. ICAHD has determined that they will now rebuild two homes this summer, their current project and the home next door.

thank you to J.R., an ICAHD volunteer, for information for this report.