Activists Cut Despised Annexation Fence

27 July 2007

Yesterday, Palestinian, international and Israeli activists, including people from PSP and Anarchists Against the Wall, cut a section out of the Annexation Fence near the village of Surif in the Hebron District.

When completed in this area, the Annexation Fence will cut the nearby Palestinian village Al-Jab’a off from Surif and the rest of the West Bank, leaving it in a ‘no man’s land’ between the Annexation Fence and the ‘Green Line’, and surrounded by settlements.

Activists, wearing reflective vests so that the IOF would have no excuse to believe we were threatening, approached the fence and sought to do as much damage to it as possible before soldiers arrived. With bolt cutters, clippers and a sledge hammer activists were able to cut a significant hole in the fence; coming and leaving without being detected. This action was a demonstration of both the illegitimacy of the Annexation Wall/Fence and the determination of the Palestinian people to not be ghettoized in their own land.