8 Men Kidnapped in Burqa, Nablus District

6 August 2007

On August 3 at 9am Israeli Occupation Forces closed down the streets in an area in Burqa, a village north of Nablus. They shot at homes before invading them and ordering the residents outside. Using police dogs, the soldiers then ransacked peoples homes and kidnapped 8 men. In a particularly brutal fashion, soldiers put hoods over the men and tied them together with a crude rope. The men taken were: Najood Abu Omar, Tariq Saif, Amin Jamal ‘Itsougi, Tamir Dagalus, Nadeem ‘Omar, Habib Jaffer, Samir Abdullah, and Samir Ahmed. Their families were not given any information about why they were being taken or to where. All of their locations are still not known.